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Starbucks has a new size drink

18 Jan

There is a larger size drink from starbucks. It is larger than the average  human stomach. I cannot believe someone would want to super size larger than a venti.

Happy drinking everyone!



2 Jul

I was sad to hear that 600 Starbucks are closing due to poor sales. They are going to try and put those employees in their other stores but 11,000 people could be without jobs. I love starbucks but if it is between food on the table or a tank of gas or a $4 cup of coffee I am going with with the gas or food. Starbucks did put a card in everyone’s paper around here that if you bring it in now through July 14th you can get a free 12 oz cup of hot or iced coffee. This is awesome! It is a great promotion.

I am praying for all those who have lost a job. I have two family members who have been without work for almost a year. One is in the computer/project manager field and got laid off from ATT after they merged with Bellsouth and the other was in real estate and two of the neighborhoods he was selling in have closed up.