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Target’s dollar section and the Dollar stores

1 Nov

I love Target and I love the Dollar stores. Now that Christmas is fast approaching, I am on a hunt for Christmas gifts. Today I found 50 sticky Christmas tags for a $1 and tissue paper as well as some cute little treasures for my girls that did not break the bank. Next time you are in Target check out the dollar section. They have all sorts of neat things!


Frugal the new rich

8 Jun

I was running some errands and I heard my favorite morning show on the radio. They were saying the Washington Post did an article that people are bragging about what deals they got instead of what riches they bought. It is a new definition to keeping up with Jones. Can you clip more coupons, save more money, what cool deal did you get? Also, do you judge those who spend money on Starbucks coffee instead of brewing it at home now or buying a QT coffee for $0.89 as opposed to $3.95 for a small at Starbucks.

I say buy it where you want it! I love starbucks but I am not a starbucks snob. I really want to try McDonald’s specialty coffee. My hubby said it was good.

I do clip coupons,  and I do search for deals. I recently got toothpaste for free because the store marked it down to a $1 and I had a dollar coupon off.  We dropped our grocery budget by a lot so we can pay down some debt and I am trying to be as frugal as possible. I found our laundry detergent and dryer sheets in larger quantities for cheaper price at Target. I will go to several stores in the area if it saves me money. Kroger is doing the best at having those awesome deals. Right now a bunch of items are 88 cents. You just cannot beat that!

I think some of this is funny because my friends and I have been sharing deals and tips for saving money for a long time.  My husband has also been brown bagging his lunch for many years, but to people who have suddenly found themselves in a tight spot,  you have to prioritize.

Here is the article from the Washington Post I was talking about.

A Nice Day

15 Feb

Handsome husband and I went to a movie  then to dinner. We had a gift card from Christmas so the entire day was almost free. It was nice to spend time with my hubby. We have not had a date in 8 mos. Peanut has been really grumpy since she has been sick so I took the girls out to Target to get them out of the house. I also needed a few things and they had those items at a reallyy great deal and I had coupons. Pookey was so funny she said, “mommy why do you buy all of these things?” I said, “it is on sale and I have coupons so that saves us more money.” She was quiet after that.

The girls also found something with their money they got for Valentines Day. Peanut bought a Foofa from Yo Gabba Gabba. Pookie bought a littlest Pet Shop horse with it’s own case.  They were very good and very happy.

I also met a mom and Pookie was talking to her daughter, Peanut  was talking to her baby son and I was talking to her for 30 minutes or more. I guess I am becoming more social in my older age. No person is a stranger anymore.

Hansome Husband did not care to join us so he slept in the car and a lady tapped on his window. Her car would not start. We did not have any jumper cables so he let her borrow his cell to call her husband. A good thing he decided to stay behind so he could help her.

This was our day. Good night!

A Wii for Christmas

6 Dec

We bought a Wii last night at Target compliments of my grandmother. She usually gives us some money but asked if we knew what a Wii was. Oh yes! I replied. Husband and I secretly wanted one but did not share that with anyone because everyone is over burdened financially. We bought the last one from Target last night.

We played bowling and golf. I won the golf game and Husband won the bowling round but by one point. Pookie played a round of golf and she won. We love this cool item. It is a complete blessing. At some point we would like New Postto get a wii fit but this is for another day. We are enjoying our family time together.

Ten Dollar Toys

3 Dec

I love Wal-mart! I am joining with my mom and some friends to help a family in need this Christmas and Wal-mart has so many toys for $10 and under. I bought a Fur Real pet for one of the girls we are helping and they have cabbage patch dolls and Barbie cars for $10 too. I love their clothes and everything about them. I have saved so much money since shopping there. The girls Christmas came from there and Target.

Thank you Wal-mart for offering $10 toys and under this Christmas. It really helps especially when things are tight. It also allows us to help other families!

Black Friday

28 Nov

Ok after reading the paper, I understand why they call black Friday, black Friday. Also, it is dead of night when some of the stores open. Call me crazy but I went to Walmart at 4:45 this morning. I got exactly what I wanted. I bought my friends daughter two pair of PJs. She needed some and she loves Hannah Montana and High School Musical 3 so I got two pair for $8. Normally these are $10 or more for one pair. I also picked up a Crayola Art Set for $8 for my grandmother. She wanted one more thing to get Sarah and Sarah picked this out of the ad. As long as you stayed away from the electronics and Hannah Montana bean bags you were fine. I was in and out in 30 minutes. Check out and all. I passed by people who had several shopping carts full so Wal-mart will be in the black I am sure. The electronic stuff was gone in a matter of minutes. They had coats on sale for $8 which I almost bought but I looked like a blow up fish so I put it back. I was so happy with my deals.

I then tried to go into Target but that was crazy. People were yelling for those of us that did not want to wrap around the store “cheaters and get in line”. None of us were breaking were were just waiting until the line went down but after 15 minutes of it still coming with no end in sight; I left. It is not worth it. People in Walmart were more civilized.

I went across the street to Star Bucks and had a coffee and pumpkin loaf before heading home. My hubby has to go to work so I had to be sure I was home.

Happy shopping for all of you that ventured out into the wee hours of the morning. It was exciting and I am sure I will do this again if the price is just right.

My Favorite Stores

23 Nov

I just went to Target to finish my Christmas shopping and I am done! I found in the stocking stuffer section a few little things for the girls that were under $6. Pookie loves the Littlest Pet Shop Stuff and they had two little animals for $6. They had little fisher price doodle pros shaped like a Christmas tree for $4.99. I also bought some tinker bell lip gloss and princess nail polishes for $2 and $3. They had all of their gourmet candies on sale.

Walmart is another favorite store. My grandmother said she is going to start shopping there. They have the cheapest prices and everything I needed the other day was on sale.

The Learning Express. I don’t know if these are all over the US but I love this store. They have the neatest things and sell a lot of stuff made in the USA. For birthdays and holidays your child can make a wish list and people can come and pick stuff off their list. We are going to do this for Pookie’s birthday. She is excited. There prices are reasonable and they always have coupons or 20% off. They also gift wrap or personalize your items for free.

Publix! If you are looking for a store bought pumpkin pie you can get two for $5.98 or one for $3. The cheapest price I have seen. Walmart had small pies for $3.75 or $5. Publix has neat things. Some of their prices are a bit more than Kroger or Wal-mart but they do have a lot of buy one get one. I love their customer service. You can get some medicines for free too.

Kroger- I love their pharmacy. I love their fruit and their diapers. They do have awesome sales and great store brands.

Carters- My girls cannot really wear much from them this year but I love their clothes and they are always on sale.