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Insurance agents getting phone calls about where to sign up for free o-care

7 Apr

This is hilarious to me. Some people really need to read a news paper or turn on the news so they can find out what is really going on. Nothing about this is free. Everyone and I mean everyone will be taxed one way or another. They have to pay for this massive overhaul somehow. They are now talking about a VAT tax. You knew it was coming right! VAT taxes are not just for the rich my friend they are for everyone. You may think something is free but there is always a catch especially when it comes to the gov’t.

Here is the story about insurance agents getting tons of calls asking where they can sign up now for free o-care. Sorry folks this will not be available until 2014. I guess we’ll all be getting houses and cars too. I actually heard someone say that after Obama became president.  They said, “Obama had a secret stash of money for all of us to have houses, cars and everything we need.” If he would not take care of his own aunt and brother why should we expect him to take care of us. It is not the gov’t’s job to provide these things. People really need to wake up and get a clue!!


Canada Seeing Rise in Private Health Care

1 Jul

Now this is funny to me because it has been stated so many people want universal healthcare. Now Canada which we are basing our model on is turning more towards private health care because of the mass number of people flooding the system. Here is the article on this new trend in Canada!

Wake-up America. Free is a relative term. We will all be paying for this new system which rationing is inevitable.  People will be paying to go to Canada as they do now in the US. If you have money then you’ll be fine but for the poor and middle class you will be screwed. Long lines to see a doctor, ER and months or even years to get an MRI or surgery. This is crazy and there has to be some other way of making health care cheaper without nationalizing this system.  Take perscription drugs for example, the private market has made it where you can get drugs at Wal-mart, Publix and Kroger for $4 and in some cares free. The Government did not do this. Competition did this? Why can’t doctors and insurance companies work together to lower the cost? The government should not be butting into our affairs. I want to make my own healthcare decisions with my doctor not the Government telling me what procedures I can have and when. Or even if they will pay for medicines or not. My hubby is on a medicine that costs over $700. He can take brand name only per his doctor. I know for a fact the government will only pay for gerneric drugs so if we go to a universal system. We will have to pay $700 a month instead of the $50 we pay now. I don’t know about you but I don’t have that kind of money especially since our taxes are going to skyrocket!

They have broken the percentages down a portion of the people uninsured are illegal immigrants, then you have people who would qualify for medicaid, medicare or lower income insurance that do not take advantage of this. The other portion of people are young adults or people who just don’t see the need for health insurance. This is stupid. If we need to re-educate people on their options so be it but before you go running toward nationalized healthcare you better make darn sure you have looked at every avenue. We cannot even pay for all the things now. Look at California. They are the biggest state with tons of people dependent on Government healthcare, food stamps etc and they are virtually bankrupt. We are headed in the wrong direction!

A Sip of Tea

22 Apr

I love this guy, Zo, in the youtube video. I encourage you to watch it because this is what the tea parties are all about not about being racist. It was conservatives, independents and liberals. Some of these people even voted for Obama . They are opposing big Government and spending. All the pork that is being added to these bills that get passed within a few days that the lawmakers don’t even read. It is about spending our grandchildren’s future away. You cannot spend your way out of a recession/depression. Ask Japan!! People have had enough!

Why I like Mike Huckabee

20 Mar

He was one of the 2008 presidential candidate. I voted for him because he stood for the same issues I did. He was a former pastor and a humbled servant. He has common sense solutions to todays overwhelming problems. I love watching him on his show, Huckabee on Fox, or as a news contributor on other Fox shows.

My husband and I were speaking on this very subject last night. I think he would do well in 2012 as  a presidential candidate because he has the likability factor as well as conservative values that many Americans are wanting to get back too. He brings the social justice and the moral justice together instead of it being split between two parties. I think this makes him a well rounded candidate as well. I love the fact he wants to overhaul the IRS and have a fair tax. I am all for it. I think the American people will be on board too when they realize that 95% of the people will be PAYING taxes because of all the negligent spending this administration has done.

These are just a few of the reasons I like Mike Huckabee. Check out his site at huckpac.com

Rick Warren

12 Nov

I saw Pastor Rick Warren from Saddle Back Church on Hannity and Colms last night. He had various things he discussed. One was on the redistribution of wealth. He thought government should not take any income tax and let people give it themselves to charity so they are getting the character development along with the giving aspect. He said when the government takes your money and gives it to others you lose that ability to receive character development because you are not part of the process. I agree! We do give to our church for tithe, missions and offerings to the poor. What we cannot give in money, we donate the girls toys and clothes that they do not play with or wear anymore. I realize the average American does not do this but it feels great to give back. To know you are helping someone or something greater than yourself.

He said both Barack Obama and John McCain are as different as night and day, but both terrific guys.

His take on why the election was lost for John McCain was the economy. He also said that the RNC just did not deal with the bread and butter issues that people were facing today. He does not think the moral issues that many evangelicals think about are gone for good. He said it is still on their hearts and in their minds but the bread and butter issues is what won this election. He said, “when 401K is 201K we have a problem.” This is so true but funny the way he said it.

Colms asked him about a church member that was extremely offended because he was endorsing Prop 8 and she was a lesbian. He said, ” I love everyone and I respect everyone but I am not in favor of redefining marriage.”

It was neat to hear his take on all of these issues. It is rumored that he is one of several spiritual advisors to Barack Obama. TD Jakes is another name mentioned. This made me feel a little more at ease when I heard this. I respect both of these pastors. I know they are mighty men of God.