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Ten Dollar Toys

3 Dec

I love Wal-mart! I am joining with my mom and some friends to help a family in need this Christmas and Wal-mart has so many toys for $10 and under. I bought a Fur Real pet for one of the girls we are helping and they have cabbage patch dolls and Barbie cars for $10 too. I love their clothes and everything about them. I have saved so much money since shopping there. The girls Christmas came from there and Target.

Thank you Wal-mart for offering $10 toys and under this Christmas. It really helps especially when things are tight. It also allows us to help other families!


Black Friday

28 Nov

Ok after reading the paper, I understand why they call black Friday, black Friday. Also, it is dead of night when some of the stores open. Call me crazy but I went to Walmart at 4:45 this morning. I got exactly what I wanted. I bought my friends daughter two pair of PJs. She needed some and she loves Hannah Montana and High School Musical 3 so I got two pair for $8. Normally these are $10 or more for one pair. I also picked up a Crayola Art Set for $8 for my grandmother. She wanted one more thing to get Sarah and Sarah picked this out of the ad. As long as you stayed away from the electronics and Hannah Montana bean bags you were fine. I was in and out in 30 minutes. Check out and all. I passed by people who had several shopping carts full so Wal-mart will be in the black I am sure. The electronic stuff was gone in a matter of minutes. They had coats on sale for $8 which I almost bought but I looked like a blow up fish so I put it back. I was so happy with my deals.

I then tried to go into Target but that was crazy. People were yelling for those of us that did not want to wrap around the store “cheaters and get in line”. None of us were breaking were were just waiting until the line went down but after 15 minutes of it still coming with no end in sight; I left. It is not worth it. People in Walmart were more civilized.

I went across the street to Star Bucks and had a coffee and pumpkin loaf before heading home. My hubby has to go to work so I had to be sure I was home.

Happy shopping for all of you that ventured out into the wee hours of the morning. It was exciting and I am sure I will do this again if the price is just right.


14 Nov

Ok so I have not heard this term since I was a kid. With the credit cards out there, there was no need to continue with this service. Since the economy has tanked it has come back. Everywhere from Shane Company to K-mart and I am sure Wal-mart will bring it back too. I actually like Layaway better then using credit cards. It makes the person pay for the item before they get it. There is no charge or interest. We are paying cash this Christmas and have our list out but this would be great for someone who can only pay a little at a time for their child’s christmas or a luxury item they wanted instead of putting it on credit.

Generic Products

10 Jul

After speaking with Mr. Sewell, I remembered several other products grocery and others that we buy generic on. I buy Natural peanut butter for the girls so I use Kroger brand it is $1.99 compared to smuckers natural at $4 and some change. I also use Walmart squeeze jellies and Kroger jellies. My girls like them just as much and we cannot tell the difference. Those are usually $1.25-$1.50 compared to the $2-$3 brand name jellies. I also use generic chili seasoning at $.50 wal-mart brand compared to $1. and some change McCormick brand. I use generic hand soap. I also use generic Advil for us. I use gas meds for us and the girls that are wal-mart brand and it saves tons of money. The infant gas drops are now $11.88 or something like that and I can get the big bottle of wal-mart brand for $6.97. Some other products that I use that are generic are toilet paper, sandwich bags, garbage bags and aluminum foil.

We buy Office Depot brand printer ink cartridges and paper. They used to have a deal where you could trade in your old cartridges for a free ream of paper now you just get $2 off but every little bit helps.

Since the rising gas prices, I have also switched to generic BBQ sauce, Ketchup, mustard and oatmeal. For the items I simply want to buy brand name such as granola bars, cereals etc. I try to find coupons.  We also use Kroger brand microwave natural popcorn and it is delicious. My girls can have it because it does not have butter or milk products like some of the other brands.

I hope this helps you save a few extra pennies or even dollars. I have tried a lot of generics out there and some are better than others. I don’t buy Publix brand too often because they are so much higher than Kroger and Wal-mart even on generics. We also use generic prescriptions such as antibiotics, nose sprays,  creams and  other drugs from the pharmacy including cough drops. Our prescription card makes it cheaper plus in most cases where there is a generic they will not cover the brand name so you have to at least try it.

We have found it is the same. I think a lot of the brand named products make the generic brands too. Look at the recall on Sarah Lee bread a while back this also included publix bread too.  Cheaper is not always better. I check the ingredients on everything but if they are similar and there is a considerable price difference I will definitely buy generic.

Generic vs Brand name

15 Jun

Well I have changed so much since my husband and I first got married. I used to only buy brand name and never cared about prices. I was in for a rude awakening when Pookie was born and we really had to pinch pennies since I was staying home.

I started slow and would buy one or two generic then I started shopping at Wal-mart then I added more and more generics to my list. There are still some things I only buy name brand but I may wait and get that as a treat or something. I now buy generic diapers and pull ups. Kroger brand is my favorite. The training pants are great and their Kroger Complete are wonderful because the sides stretch. I typically buy generic cheese and bread, canned items, etc.

Cereals I buy brand name because we do eat organic cereals and they have not come out with generic on that yet. We buy Kashi or Cascadian Farms. I like the pure sugar cane and whole grains Instead of all the sugary things they have. Pookie and Peanut eat them too. Pookie also loves multigrain Cheerios or Blueberry cereal from Kashi. I also buy Eggland eggs. They do taste better. Spaghetti sauce I also buy brand name because Prego Garden Combination tastes so much better than the generics I have tried. I also buy All free and clear and bounce no fragrance because of the girls allergies and Peanut’s extremely sensitive skin. I also use a fragrance free organic shampoo for the girls too. Other than that it generic for us. we save so much money. I shop at three stores though. Publix for lunch meat because it does not have nitrates and artificial stuff and Kroger for things that are cheaper than Wal-mart and Wal-mart for 90% of my stuff. I always buy chicken at Kroger when it is $1.99 per lb. I will never buy it at full price it is just too expensive. Usually in the summer it is on sale more, so I stock up. My favorite store would be Publix for their customer service. They are so nice. I also get my fruit from Kroger or Publix because they have nicer stuff than our Wal-mart. I had to just stand up and try things. If I don’t like them or the girls did not care for something then I will take it back or not buy it again.

I also clip coupons. I think I had close to $10 or more dollars in coupons yesterday at wal-mart. This was a great day. Kroger doubles there so sometimes if I know the price is a tad higher but they will double the coupon I will buy that item at Kroger. I know this sounds crazy shopping at three stores but this works for us and we get everything we like and need while at the same time saving money. I just make sure I have errands in the area so I am not wasting gas.