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Alternatives to the Recalled Children’s Medicines

6 May

I prefer brand name drugs because of issues like this one with the recall. I was never so shocked to find 7 bottles of the recalled medicine in my cabinet. If I had known our walmart would take them back even if opened, I would not have thrown them away. Check with your local store to see if they will do the same. I was not going to mess with McNeil Lab. I heard you could not get a person and I did not want a coupon for another one of their products. I bought generic motrin to keep on hand. I did purchase the tylenol chewables because those were not on the recall list. Benedryl has a meltaway chewable so I also purchased that. I was just really shocked that this happened. I feel like a consumer and a parent these labs, and manufacturers need to step it up and provide the safest product or food they can. The almighty dollar is not more important than someone’s life!

Generic drugs are safe and are not made by McNeil. They have everything from generic Motrin to generic Zyrtec. The price is much better too!! When peanut butter was recalled last summer, I only buy name brand now. Jiff and smuckers. I know peter pan and Walmart brand has been watched carefully but this is something we eat almost everyday. I no longer purchase Eggo Waffles or pancakes because their product was recalled in the fall for some reason. It is really quite scary when you think about it!


Money saving deals

21 May

This month with all the birthdays, mother’s day and extra doctor bills we are on a very limited grocery budget. God totally provided. Kroger had some awesome deals such as $1.99 a lb chicken, tooth paste for $1 then I had a $1 coupon so it was free. They had name brand deodorant marked down to $1. Their own brand of cereals are actually cheaper than Wal-mart and the cereals taste good. We got a box of cereal for $1.77. It tastes just like the brand name ones. Wal-mart had their brand for $2.98.  I also buy store brand oatmeal for my girls. They eat it every morning for breakfast. It is $1.94 at Kroger and Wal-mart. Kroger has also marked their bread down from $1.69 to $1.49 also cheaper than Wal-mart. Right now we switched to store brand peanut butter and saved some money. The fruits, veggies and lunch meat I wanted were on sale. I bought Kroger eggs for $0.88 cents a dozen. I usually like Egg lands Best but they have gone way up in price so this time I bought store brand. This is also cheaper than Wal-mart. Kroger had their 100% juice on sale for $1.69 and their Nutra Grain bars were $2.15 as opposed to Wal-mart for $2.50.

I support those who are doing their part to help lower prices during these hard economic times. We also switched to Kroger Gas. We used to only use Chevron because we had a gas card but for no reason at all they lowered our limit to $140. They deduct money out of our account so we always pay on time and have no balance on our card. I guess with people defaulting on their payments we all suffrer. Anyway the final straw was my card was declined on Mother’s day because they had not taken the payment out yet and it was close to the new limit they set. It put me in a bind to take money out of our account that had not been budgeted for, so I pulled some cash from our savings to give us a cushion and we will no longer be using Chevron or their card. I take my business else where when we have been excellent customers for over 10 years and you just lower out limit with no warning. We are saving money in the process.

I encourage you to shop around, clip coupons and I will continue passing on these great deals.

Three Grocery Stores on a Monday

2 Feb

Ok so the average person does not shop at three grocery stores but I never said I was average. I am always looking for ways to save money and this is it. Walmart has great deals on some things; while, Publix has our soy milk in stock and better prices on fruit. Kroger carries my diapers and steamer bags along with a few other things. All in all it was a good day. I accomplished this in 2 1/2 hours since I was by myself. Peanut got strep sometime last week and since she could have easily gotten it from the store she stayed home today. I need her and all of us well.

Here were a couple of my deals for the day: tiny boxes of Russell stover candy for $1 and little M and M hearts for the same price. We are on a really tight budget so a dollar I can do for my daughter’s teacher.  My other deal is Kroger has it’s cheerios on sale for $1.67 and I had a coupon for $0.50 off well Kroger doubles their coupons up to a $1 so I bought a box of cheerios for $0.67.  I was excited!  I noticed some prices have gone up again so every little bit of savings helps.

My Crock pot Chicken Recipe

7 Jan

You cook your boneless, skinless, chicken breast in a crock pot. Once it is finished you put it in a dish to sit overnight in Kraft’s zesty Italian dressing. It is new and made with no artificial ingredients. The next day you add it to a mixed green or spring mix salad. The dressing is already in the chicken so no need to add more unless you just like extra dressing. We are trying to live a healthier lifestyle so we eat it as is. The chicken is very tender.  My kids, hubby and I loved it. I am always experimenting with different things. It is also economical because Kroger has chicken on sale just about every week and the salad dressing was $1.50 at Walmart. The salad greens are usually on sale to. If you do not like salad, you can steam fresh veggies or any veggie you enjoy. Enjoy!

My Favorite Stores

23 Nov

I just went to Target to finish my Christmas shopping and I am done! I found in the stocking stuffer section a few little things for the girls that were under $6. Pookie loves the Littlest Pet Shop Stuff and they had two little animals for $6. They had little fisher price doodle pros shaped like a Christmas tree for $4.99. I also bought some tinker bell lip gloss and princess nail polishes for $2 and $3. They had all of their gourmet candies on sale.

Walmart is another favorite store. My grandmother said she is going to start shopping there. They have the cheapest prices and everything I needed the other day was on sale.

The Learning Express. I don’t know if these are all over the US but I love this store. They have the neatest things and sell a lot of stuff made in the USA. For birthdays and holidays your child can make a wish list and people can come and pick stuff off their list. We are going to do this for Pookie’s birthday. She is excited. There prices are reasonable and they always have coupons or 20% off. They also gift wrap or personalize your items for free.

Publix! If you are looking for a store bought pumpkin pie you can get two for $5.98 or one for $3. The cheapest price I have seen. Walmart had small pies for $3.75 or $5. Publix has neat things. Some of their prices are a bit more than Kroger or Wal-mart but they do have a lot of buy one get one. I love their customer service. You can get some medicines for free too.

Kroger- I love their pharmacy. I love their fruit and their diapers. They do have awesome sales and great store brands.

Carters- My girls cannot really wear much from them this year but I love their clothes and they are always on sale.